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Shockfire Shooting Range

Five 50 m long shooting tracks

The customer has at his disposal five modern shooting tracks with a length of 50m. Each equipped with a fast target transporter, comfortable variable line of fire means that you can develop your passions in dynamic shooting, IPSC, IDPA, PIRO and combat.


Multielectronic disc system

Thanks to the electronic tablet target control system, the customer can improve their skills in shooting “showing and moving away” targets. At shockfire shooting range, you can control all shields at once and each individually. The shooter can also position his target anywhere on the variable line of fire and program it to open and hide after each hit or travel to the desired distance at a certain time. In addition, in order to get the effect of greater surprise, the client can ask the instructor to program for himself a unique scenario of the display of shields, as well as the approach and move away of the target.


Tactical lighting

The Shockfire shooting range is a place where a special lighting system allows you to simulate any time of the day. The customer has at his disposal strobe lights to improve shooting in extremely difficult conditions.


Experienced instructor staff

Instructors have experience, military and acquired in special services. Every shooter can improve their sports and combat shooting skills here in Polish, English, French, Portuguese. Instructors also teach children to shoot sports.



The shooter can use a wide selection of modern weapons, in his arsenal Shooting Shockfire has the latest: carbines, pistols and shotguns. During his training at the shooting range, the client shoots with unique and historical copies of weapons.


State-of-the-art and safe shooting range Warsaw-Błonie

The Shockfire shooting range is a comfortable place, equipped with many modern solutions that increase your safety.

  • floor ventilation system, instantly eliminates powder and harmful substances arising during training,
  • we introduce unleaded and anti-ricochet ammunition,
  • the traffic light indicates whether the fire line is safe,
  • modern bullets, stop ricochets,
  • microphones in the line of fire, and an integrated sound system allow you to control the instructor’s safety from the control room, decide on the start or stop of “fire” and transmit important messages,
  • lighting similar to natural light,
  • fast targets transporters with variable fire line and adjustable speed.



Dariusz Tomysek

CHEF shooting range and co-owner of SHOCKFIRE S.C., international instructor of combat, practical and sports shooting. Instructor with more than 20 years of experience, lecturer of the Police Training Center, participant in peacekeeping missions of the Polish Special Police Unit. Instructor of the European Security Academy. Passionate about sports shooting, Team Polish IPSC Champion, Representative of Poland at the European and World Championships in practical shooting IPSC. He has experience gained during his instructor career and training several thousand Polish police officers and allied soldiers in NATO (including Danes, Americans, Germans, French, Spaniards, Croats, Swedes, Britons), as well as members of special units of the army of Lebanon, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and the Spanish Foreign Legion. He has participated in many special operations at home and abroad. He is an instructor of shooting sports at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań.

As he says: everyone will learn to shoot, regardless of predisposition.


Warsaw-Błonie Strzelnica Shockfire is just a 25-minute drive from the center of Warsaw in the modern Sports and Recreation Center in Błonie.You can get here by highway A-2 or national road No. 92. It is an ideal place of entertainment for people from Warsaw and the surrounding area because there is a shooting range, swimming pool complex, SPA zone, bowling alley, squosh. To actively spend your free time with the whole family invites the beautiful Fairy Park equipped with fountain playgrounds and many other attractions for children.



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