Exciting shooting event for Business



A professional package of shooting tasks, implemented during the classes, provides participants with a large dose of adrenaline combined with personal development and fantastic fun.

The program was prepared by Dariusz Tomysek, a participant in international peacekeeping missions and is maintained in the Extreme Ownership Convention, which serves teams in developing their ability to achieve group success.

During training, each participant feels like a special forcesoperator. He shoots with the most modern weapons, which are equipped with special units around the world, learns tactics and acquires the skills of using weapons.



During this adventure, many participants discover in themselves the previously unknown characteristics of the operator special forces – responsibility for the team, courage, determination, speed and confidence in action. The female part of the team, usually surprises with its accuracy and competition for the best places.

We provide excellent team integration through team collaboration and competition that serves the outside of the company well, because only then are we able to beat any competitor.



The training begins with a general overview of the security conditions and a brief discussion of the rules for the use of weapons. We then divide the participants into small task forces and distribute them to the shooting axes, where the teams will begin their tasks. On the axes, instructors will familiarize participants with the type of weapon and the task to be performed. When the shooting is complete, the team will move to the next shooting axis. During the training, participants will have a meal break. After completing the shooting tasks, everyone integrates during the feast, during which time the results will be added, followed by the announcement of the results and the awarding of prizes.



We provide:

  • experienced staff of instructors,
  • state-of-the-art equipment,
  • modern shooting range,
  • catering tailored to the customer’s needs.

All competitions are classified individually and as a team, we select the best scorers and the best teams. Winners are rewarded with diplomas and prizes. From among the shooters we emerge “Hope of the Year”.


The group will be divided into sniper teams, the observer will receive from the instructor a mentee for the target and the time of completion of the task. Sagittarius eliminates targets. The task develops the ability to analyze and concentrate while acting under stress, improves communication between team members.


Duel between teams, each participant must shoot down their targets as soon as possible. This builds endurance and composure in direct confrontation with the enemy.


Precision shooting to the shield enhances the ability to concentrate and teaches focus on the task at hand. It builds resistance to tasks under pressure, teaches cooperation and combining the characteristics necessary to perform a task.


The group selects the top scorers and assigns them individual tasks. There is a division of competence. The team eliminates targets by hitting the appropriate zone of destruction. Responsibility for group action is strengthened.


The task is to fire the shield in the shortest possible time, through the windows of the barricade after the timer signal, on the barricade each window is assigned a number, the player according to the numerical combination captures one shot from a given window. Hits with a scorer error do not count towards the score. The player who receives the best factor wins.


Fight to win a unique shooting trophy. The best team earns a unique shooting shield if it achieves the best score.


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